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2nd EAI International Conference on Machine Learning and Intelligent Communications

August 5–6, 2017 | Weihai, People's Republic of China

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Along with the fast developing of mobile communications technologies, the amount of high quality wireless services is required and increasing exponentially. According to the prediction of Cisco VNI Mobile Forecast 2016, Global mobile data traffic will increase nearly eightfold between 2015 and 2020, and mobile network connection speeds will increase more than threefold by 2020. Hence, there are still big gap between the future requirements and current communications technologies, even using 4G/5G. How to integrate the limited wireless resources with some intelligent algorithms/schemes and boost potential benefits are the interests of the conference. As an emerging discipline, machine learning is a subfield of computer science that evolved from the study of pattern recognition and computational learning theory in artificial intelligence, and explores the study and construction of algorithms that can learn from and make predictions on complicated scenarios. In communication systems, the previous/current radio situations and communication paradigms should be well considered to obtain a high quality of service (QoS), such us available spectrum, limited energy, antenna configurations, and heterogeneous properties. Machine learning algorithms facilitate complicated scenarios analysis and prediction, and thus to make an optimal actions in OSI seven layers. We hope the integrating of machine learning algorithms into communication systems will improve the QoS and make the systems smart, intelligent, and efficient. We invite high quality original research papers describing recent and expected challenges or discoveries along with potential intelligent solutions for future mobile communications and networks. We welcome both theoretical and experimental papers. We expect the papers of the conference to serve as valuable references for a large audience from both academia and industry. Both original, unpublished contributions and survey/tutorial types of articles are encouraged.


Topical scope:

Machine learning

·          Bayesian machine learning

·          Deep learning, latent variable models

·          Learning for big data

·          Learning in graphs

·          Multiple instance learning

·          Multi-objective learning

·          Multi-task learning

·          Semi-supervised learning

·          Sparse learning

·          Structured output learning

·          Supervised learning

·          Online learning

·          Transfer learning

·          Unsupervised learning

·          Machine learning and information processing in wireless sensor networks

·          Data mining in heterogeneous networks

·          Machine learning for multimedia

·          Machine learning for IoT

·          Decentralized learning for wireless communication systems           


Intelligent positioning and navigation

·          Fingerprinting based positioning

·          RSS, TOF, TDOA, AOA based  positioning                                 

·          GNSS positioning, Optical positioning

·          Localization for wireless sensor networks

·          Pedestrian navigation using self-contained sensors

·          Fusion of various positioning systems

·          Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM)

·          Location based services, Location privacy

·          Wireless sensing and context-awareness applications


Intelligent Multimedia Processing and Security

·          Multimedia processing, including image/audio /video

·          Multimedia security issues, including attacks and counter-attacks

·          Data hiding of multimedia

·          Digital multimedia forensics and anti-forensics

·          Reversible data hiding of multimedia

·          Large-scale experimental tests and benchmarking

·          Intelligent security based on human vision system

·          Multimedia and data privacy

·          Multimedia hashing and retrieval


Intelligent Wireless Mobile Network and Security

·          Wireless network architecture

·          Wireless network modeling

·          High capacity wireless network

·          Latency-sensitive wireless network

·          Wireless network with network coding

·          Green wireless network design

·          5G wireless network Cross-layer optimization

·          Wireless network security

·          Wireless network physical layer security

·          5G wireless network Cross-layer security


Cognitive Radio and Intelligent Networking

·          Spectrum sensing, spectrum policies

·          Dynamic spectrum access

·          Spectrum aggregation, spectrum mobility

·          Cognitive networks, security and prototypes

·           End-to-end Performance Analysis in cognitive networks

·          Unlicensed and licensed shared access

·          Spectrum measurements and monitoring;

·          Electronic spectrum map and spectrum database;

·          Applications of cognitive radio networks

·          Spectrum security

·          Cognitive security

·          Cognitive covert communications


Intelligent Internet of Things

·          Intelligent IoT Devices (Sensor, Actuators, Smart Objects, Vehicles, Smart Phones)

·          Energy and Power-Saving Technologies for IoT

·          Routing and Control Protocols for the IoT

·          Intelligence, Mobility, Localization and Management Aspects of the IoT

·          Intelligent Indexing, naming, and addressing the Internet of Things

·          Cloud computing, Distributed Storage and IoT internetworking

·          Security, Trust, Privacy, Identity Management and Object Recognition in the IoT

·          Intelligent IoT Architectures and Middlewares, IoT Resource Management and Access Control

·          Intelligent data processing for the IoT, Sensors Data management, Big Data and Data Mining, Data Fusion

·          User-oriented, context-aware IoT services

·           Intelligent IoT in homes, building, factories, cities, smart grid, e-health, agriculture and environment, manufacturing, logistics, social networking, etc. 




Intelligent Satellite Communications and Networking

·          Satellite network architecture

·          Satellite Network modeling and capacity analysis

·          Satellite Antenna and propagation

·          Satellite Multiple access technology

·          Admission control and dynamic bandwidth allocation

·          Intelligent Satellite Routing and protocol

·          Space security

·          Convergence and integration among satellite networks and terrestrial networks

·          Optical communication in space and satellite communications

·          Terahertz technology in space and satellite communications

·          Deep space communication and Inter-Planetary network

·          Space delay/disruption tolerant networking technology and protocol

·          Small/Micro/Nano-satellite technology and application


Intelligent Remote Sensing, Visual Computing and Three-Dimensional Modeling

·          Image pattern classifier and neural network training

·          Multi-granularity computing, Granularity analysis of Big Data

·          Knowledge Transfer and memory information perception

·          Depth study, Rule Mining and speculation

·          Multi-scale remote sensing image perception, Joint of image and spectral information on cognitive computing

·          Technology of intelligent processing with Multi-source remote sensing data

·          Processing Technology of RS Data from aerospace and ground platforms

·          Intelligent computing and visualization of geospatial data

·          High-performance computing problems of big remote sensing data

·          Mobile visual computing and mobile visual modeling

·          Multi-source data fusion and visual information extraction

·          Machine vision geometry, perception and model

·          New methods, new technologies and new applications on three-dimensional modeling

·          Geometry, imagery and visualization processing on three-dimensional modeling

·          Joint Modeling of multi-sensor, such as WIFI, smart glasses and wearable smart devices

·          3D modeling capability of Smartphone

High-performance computing problems of visual computing and three-dimensional modeling


Intelligent Green communication and Networking

·          Energy-efficient communication and Networking

·          Wireless energy harvesting oriented networks

·          Simultaneously wireless information and power transfer

·          Performance analysis for energy-efficient networks

·          Green and ubiquitous computing

·          Cross-layer optimization for energy efficiency

·          Big data analysis for green communications

·          Cloud computing based green networking

·          Green cognitive radio networks

·          Renewable energy powered networks


Intelligent Ad-hoc and Sensor Networks

·          Intelligent wireless sensor and actuator networks 

·          Intelligent and unconventional applications of ad-hoc and sensor networks

·          Novel paradigms, architectures and operation models of ad-hoc and sensor networks

·          Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications in ad hoc networks

·          Underwater and underground sensor networks

·          Intelligent multi-hop wireless mesh and community networks

·          Delay-tolerant ad-hoc networks

·          Intelligent Self-organization and autonomic networking,  Vehicular ad hoc networks

·          MAC protocols for ad-hoc and sensor networks

·           Routing and multicasting protocols in ad-hoc and sensor networks

·          Sensor fusion and synergy


Intelligent Resource Allocation in Wireless and Cloud Networks

·           Power or spectrum allocation

·           Spectrum pricing in dynamic spectrum access

·           Base-station assignment for C-RAN

·           Restriction of Fronthaul capacity in C-RAN

·           Interference control for dense heterogeneous networks

·           Tradeoff in dynamic resource allocation

·           QoS/QoE in resource allocation

·          Energy management in flexible cells


Intelligent Signal Processing in Wireless and Optical Communications

·          PHY lay signal processing in visible light communications

·          Signal Transmission for free space optical communications

·          Channel measurements and tests for VLC, channel estimation, equalization for wireless communications

·          VLC for secure communications

·          Hybrid radio frequency and OWC design

·          Signal processing for single-carrier, OFDM and OFDMA systems

·          Signal processing for spread-spectrum, CDMA, ultra-wideband systems  

·          Multi-antenna (SIMO, MISO, MIMO, Massive MIMO) and multi-user systems

·          Underwater acoustic signal processing

·          Smart antenna technology

·          Millimeter wave technology


Intelligent Radar Signal Processing

·          Machine learning and deep learning for SAR image interpretation

·          Radar characteristic cognition of clutter and target

·          Target detection based on compressive sensing

·          Intelligent optimization algorithms for radar signal processing

·          Sparsity of radar/sonar/EO/IR signals

·          High resolution Processing Imaging MTI/STAP/SAR/ISAR processing & Data Fusion

·          Cognitive radar


Intelligent Cooperative Communications and Networking

·          Information-theoretic analysis of cooperative communications

·          Interference management in cooperative network

·          Performance analysis and optimization of cooperative communications

·          MIMO and massive MIMO technology in cooperative communications

·          New applications e.g., V2X, D2D

·          Cooperative Communications Security

·          New waveforms and multiple access in cooperative communications

·          New cellular architectures and modeling in cooperative network

·          MAC layer design in cooperative network

·          Modulation and energy efficiency in Cooperative communications